Coffee, part five.

Okay, so, no coffee for me today (for the past few days, actually; no wonder I’m so cranky), just some honey-and-lemon tea. Cough, cough.

If you can’t tell, I’m just about over a little sickness… ¼ fever, ¼ sore throat, ¼ sniffles, ¼ lack of appetite. Sounds like a lovely recipe, doesn’t it? It’s the last quarter that’s really bothering me. Someone just bought me a whole apple pie. But I have no inclination to eat it. Sigh.

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Disclaimer: I don’t watch Supernatural. But who doesn’t love Jensen loving pie? 

It’s the first day of October (I thought September would never end… does that sound like a song lyric to you?), which means it’s also the first official day of NaNo Prep. I’ve been upping my daily word-count, though that ritual has suffered a bit due to my recent illness. I’m waiting to announce my novel, though I have yet to come up with a coherent synopsis. I will have to work on that.

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The accuracy of this gif is startling. No wonder everyone thinks writers are insane. (Don’t tell anyone I said this, but we secretly are.) 

Nothing much going on with me this week, per the usual. I’ve been messing around on the guitar, trying to write a song, and nothing’s happening. I have a new level of respect for all the songwriters out there.

How was your week?

Song I’m currently listening to: I Wouldn’t Mind, by He Is We

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Coffee, part four.

It’s Sunday afternoon. My weekend’s almost over. I’m soaking up the last few hours of freedom with gingerbread cookies and poetry.

My week was largely uneventful, as usual. I got together with a friend (you may have read about her once or twice…) and we had some needed conversations. Do you have a friend that says all the right things exactly when you need them to? She’s that for me.

I go shopping and realize how ridiculous this nation is about material things. Go into your local supermarket or Target or whatever and just think about how much stuff is on those shelves. A hundred different versions of the same exact product, not because we need that much variety, but because we want it.

Yo quiero, yo quiero.

Speaking of: I’m learning Spanish on a nifty little app. Don’t ask me to say anything, because I can’t.

I was at a party the other day and started talking with someone. She told the most wonderful story of a spontaneous road-trip she and her (now ex-)husband took up to Nova Scotia. It sounded like the best story idea, and I’ve been itching to write it, though I know I won’t be able to do it justice.

I finished CW’s Supergirl, Season 1. Supergirl is by far one of my favorite superheroes. I feel like the CW portrayal did her justice, though I will still prefer the comic books. Cat Grant is my favorite character of the show, Kara 2nd. How does that work?

How was your week? Enjoying your coffee?

Song I’m currently listening to: In The End, by Linkin Park

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Coffee, part Three.

Ah, we meet again. 🙂

I’m seriously craving a cup of strong coffee, even though it’s about seven in the evening, here. I’ll probably resort to making myself some tea. Just a heads up; I’m battling a major headache but I promise to at least try to speak to you in coherent sentences. That deserves some praise, don’t you think? *insert sarcasm emoji* You don’t have to laugh, I’m not that funny anyways.

You ask about my week, and for once I have something to tell you!

I recently purchased a book of poetry by the wonderful Ashe Vernon, a book called BOATMAN. I don’t have words to describe how that book makes me feel. It was the best 12 bucks I have ever spent. Also. I sat down and watched Me Before You, which was a beautiful, quirky movie with just enough humor and sobriety that earned it four stars from me. I’d give it a five but (SPOILERS) any movie that makes me unnecessarily sad can earn four stars at most. (Okay, no more spoilers, read on.) I also read When Breath Becomes Air by Paul Kalanithi. It was an amazing book; the perfect marriage of medical science and the English language. I highly recommend it.

I believe that covers everything… I know, two books and a movie isn’t the most exciting week, but I happen to enjoy unexciting things.

I’ve been struggling to write out a novel idea that’s been playing in my head for more than a year. It’s not working. Oh well.

Some blog posts that caught my attention this week:

I hope you enjoy your week! Until the next time.

Coffee, part Two.

It’s the same coffee-house, in case you’re wondering. At seven p.m. the views outside are fading with the sunlight, but we’ve decided to meet here anyway. I’ve gotten an iced coffee, for no particular reason, excepting my opinion that hot coffee is better in the mornings. 

I tap my fingers on the tabletop and wonder if there’s anything I’ve forgotten to tell you about my week. Have I covered the Japanese class? That was fun, and new. The class consisted of pronunciations and sentence structure, which was basic but entertaining all the same. Our instructors (or sensei, as they referred to themselves) were enthusiastic and funny, which is all I ask for in a teacher.

I’ve got a vacation coming up, to the beach (!), which I’ve been looking forward to for some time. I went shopping today to try and find another bathing suit, but alas, it was to no avail. I nearly blew all my money on one piece, but thought better of it. I’m sure my wallet will thank me later.

We talk about little things, like the weather and taxes, and dance over the big things, like love and family.

I recently read This Is Where the World Ends by Amy Zhang, and have sufficiently gushed to you about it. One of the most emotionally draining books I have read, it was amazing, yet I still can’t bring myself to go out and buy it. What can I say? I’m a penny pincher.

The coffee’s good. Sweet enough for me. Slides down my throat and stops me from thinking about the storm clouds gathering outside. You’re sure you’ll get home alright? When I’m driving is the only time I mind the rain. Other than that, it could rain nonstop for all I care. Gives me a rhythm to fall asleep to: pelting raindrops on my windowpane.

Same time next week?  

Coffee, part One.

If we were having coffee I’d apologize for the place I picked.

You wouldn’t notice me right away. I would blend in with the crowd. I would keep my head down and refrain from bumping into people (tougher than it sounds, considering my clumsiness). I’d walk up to the table you were sitting at…

Why am I assuming that you’ve gotten there first? I’m not a normally tardy person, unless the mode of transportation is out of my control. (I find it easier to be on time when no one else is ruling your schedule.) What does it matter, really? This is all in my imagination.

I’d walk up and smile. I think I smile too much, but I can’t help the grin when I’m around people. Smiling gets positive reactions from people (mostly). And I’m all for positive reactions (over negative ones, that is).

I’d order something with way too much whip cream and sugar squeezed into it, which I’d probably point out to you (out of self-consciousness, of course). Please laugh and change the subject. It’s what most people do anyway.

What kind of coffee would you order? Do you even drink coffee? I have some friends who go to coffeeshops and order tea. That’s like going to a seafood restaurant and ordering a hamburger. No offense; I like tea just as much as the next fella (and hamburgers, now that I mention them).

What did I start this post with? Oh, yes. “If we were having coffee I’d apologize for the place I picked.” Most likely it’s out of your way, and its’  coffee probably isn’t spectacular, but there’s a reason I picked it. Perhaps it has a killer view from the main window seat. Or maybe the staff is just super friendly. Whatever the case, I’ll apologize, but hopefully you won’t view the apology as necessary.

If we were having coffee I’d ask about your week. If you like talking more than listening, then you’re in luck in my company. I’d listen attentively, drinking my coffee in sips, not gulps (perhaps that’s significant), and I wouldn’t even check my phone. Honestly, nothing on my phone warrants my being attached to it.

I’d probably take pictures of something random. Maybe you’ll see me with a certain look on my face, like I’m thinking of something that stretches far beyond our coffee table. You’ve probably just given me an idea. I’m always getting ideas, and while I promise myself in the moment that I’ll remember to write them down, I rarely do.

We’re finished having coffee now.

Same time next week?