hello, outside world.

Just a heads up to all my lovely followers:

With NaNoWriMo quickly approaching, and some other personal responsibilities coming up, I have decided to take a temporary hiatus from this blog. I may pop back in once in a while, but I probably won’t be posting a lot of poetry.

Thank you for all your support and reads. I will make an announcement when I’m back to blogging full-time on WordPress. 🙂



The following are excerpts of a word-count-practice I did today. The actual drabble is rubbish but I liked these lines. I hope you enjoy them, too. ❤

“They reach out to her with their proclamations of family and normal life and brothers not lost and good memories.”

“She has always been a mix of contradictions.”

“He asks her if it was worth it, to discover all those secrets. She swallows a reply, shame coloring her cheeks.”

“She breaks. The dam bursts apart and the river floods.”

“She is empty and begging to be filled. Now he is speechless, left without words.”

“He knows now. Hurt is infectious. It disguises itself as caring and nestles into your heart through all the eye-contact and brushing fingertips. He tried to stay away from all her broken glass.”

Coffee, part five.

Okay, so, no coffee for me today (for the past few days, actually; no wonder I’m so cranky), just some honey-and-lemon tea. Cough, cough.

If you can’t tell, I’m just about over a little sickness… ¼ fever, ¼ sore throat, ¼ sniffles, ¼ lack of appetite. Sounds like a lovely recipe, doesn’t it? It’s the last quarter that’s really bothering me. Someone just bought me a whole apple pie. But I have no inclination to eat it. Sigh.

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Disclaimer: I don’t watch Supernatural. But who doesn’t love Jensen loving pie? 

It’s the first day of October (I thought September would never end… does that sound like a song lyric to you?), which means it’s also the first official day of NaNo Prep. I’ve been upping my daily word-count, though that ritual has suffered a bit due to my recent illness. I’m waiting to announce my novel, though I have yet to come up with a coherent synopsis. I will have to work on that.

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The accuracy of this gif is startling. No wonder everyone thinks writers are insane. (Don’t tell anyone I said this, but we secretly are.) 

Nothing much going on with me this week, per the usual. I’ve been messing around on the guitar, trying to write a song, and nothing’s happening. I have a new level of respect for all the songwriters out there.

How was your week?

Song I’m currently listening to: I Wouldn’t Mind, by He Is We

Some blog posts that caught my attention this week:

to a galaxy.

a smile, and what next?
there’s no guide for this sort of thing.
a genuine laugh, a touch
of colliding interests,
and now what?

two shining souls at a bar,
in a living room,
surrounded by two-dimensional
shapes—friends, that’s the word,

but what about you?

teetering between definitions,
a stranger, and yet,
so much more.

if I were to speak a bit softer,
and if you were to move
a bit closer, what then?
we say hello like it’s an introduction.

the conversation continues
like we’re dancing.

in your presence, I swear—
you make this cramped space
appear magical, a ballroom and us beneath
crystal chandeliers.

but I am unprepared for your ethereal
existence, the way you so easily
coax out my courage, my brash
thinking, or not thinking, only

feeling, flying, falling—

if you are a galaxy than I am
just one star. I am nothing
to your brilliance
and what does a star have to say
to the sky that holds it,
to the black velvet it has never been
afraid of but it has never really
understood, either.

I can see myself giving in to you,
piece by fragile piece.

there are too many questions to answer.
I think I love you but I think
I don’t know how to.

Nam H Nguyen I tried to stick to your prompt but the poem sort of spiraled away… I hope you still like this one. :3

our tragedy.

a part of my soul reaches for yours,
and we are eternally

in the silence, we exchange a bouquet
of I love yous
and we expect the pain to fade.

as soon as our hearts stitch together
you decide to rip out your sutures,
so now I’m left, open, empty.

desperately I try to save you
as my own saviors come running,
but you’re in my arms so they don’t bother trying.

you are the angel in this relationship.
aren’t you supposed to guard me?
salvation isn’t supposed to feel like dying.

you clipped your wings and asked me
to fly the both of us to safety,
but I am dust and you are wind–

you pull me along,
I go where you go, and darling,
you pull so roughly.

I still have a million unpresented declarations
of undying love and unending forgiveness.
they’re waiting for you in the back of my closet.

so we’ve reached a sort of tranquility,
and on the edge of this cliff
you start breathing

so I deem us saved and you agree,
as my feet slip on stones,
there you are reaching.

everything is okay, right?
the scars are all healing, the bleeding
has ceased and the bathroom no longer calls

your name from the pink hallways
we wandered as children.
the air is biting–

all the fight has left me.
I’m sorry but I wasn’t trained
for this kind of existence.

our story is unfinished but I haven’t
the strength to keep writing.