to a galaxy.

a smile, and what next?
there’s no guide for this sort of thing.
a genuine laugh, a touch
of colliding interests,
and now what?

two shining souls at a bar,
in a living room,
surrounded by two-dimensional
shapes—friends, that’s the word,

but what about you?

teetering between definitions,
a stranger, and yet,
so much more.

if I were to speak a bit softer,
and if you were to move
a bit closer, what then?
we say hello like it’s an introduction.

the conversation continues
like we’re dancing.

in your presence, I swear—
you make this cramped space
appear magical, a ballroom and us beneath
crystal chandeliers.

but I am unprepared for your ethereal
existence, the way you so easily
coax out my courage, my brash
thinking, or not thinking, only

feeling, flying, falling—

if you are a galaxy than I am
just one star. I am nothing
to your brilliance
and what does a star have to say
to the sky that holds it,
to the black velvet it has never been
afraid of but it has never really
understood, either.

I can see myself giving in to you,
piece by fragile piece.

there are too many questions to answer.
I think I love you but I think
I don’t know how to.

Nam H Nguyen I tried to stick to your prompt but the poem sort of spiraled away… I hope you still like this one. :3

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