we are only strangers.

let’s agree to meet
in forgotten shops—
we’ll settle in the same seats,
following the other’s footprints.

if it just so happens that our paths
cross, let’s toss up a smile—
chat, mourning, over our fragile kind
of proper conversation.

you and I will fill the aisles
with unrequited love—
forget how often we’ve counted
all the miles spent apart.

your mouth might need some time
adjusting to my name—
sound out the syllables
with only traces of affection.

but in a dusty corner, tell me
how much better off we are—
only so much chaos can be caged
when two lonely souls merge.

if we once called each other home,
we should have seen this coming—
it makes an awful lot of sense
that we find ourselves abandoned.

“We’ve been lonely / we’ve been lonely, too long.”

This is in response to tuckedintoacorner‘s post, found here. I found a way to slip the daily prompt in there, too, lol.

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