I didn’t spin this web.

my house is a spider web.
we are the spiders,
& sometimes the flies.
sometimes we are the silk threads
holding the whole thing together,
spattered with dew drops in the morning
& moonlight at night.
except, we waste food
& pay electric bills,
which I don’t think spiders do.
we have sit-down dinners
& sit-up commands from Mom.
we make our beds after much reminding,
pulling up covers
over last-night’s troubles.
I don’t think spiders do any of this.
I think they are better off because of it.
sometimes I want
nothing more than to escape this spider web,
but, in that case, I am
just another fly caught in the stickiness.
most times, it is not so bad.
we are spiders but we are family
& that can be good.


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