Coffee, part Three.

Ah, we meet again. 🙂

I’m seriously craving a cup of strong coffee, even though it’s about seven in the evening, here. I’ll probably resort to making myself some tea. Just a heads up; I’m battling a major headache but I promise to at least try to speak to you in coherent sentences. That deserves some praise, don’t you think? *insert sarcasm emoji* You don’t have to laugh, I’m not that funny anyways.

You ask about my week, and for once I have something to tell you!

I recently purchased a book of poetry by the wonderful Ashe Vernon, a book called BOATMAN. I don’t have words to describe how that book makes me feel. It was the best 12 bucks I have ever spent. Also. I sat down and watched Me Before You, which was a beautiful, quirky movie with just enough humor and sobriety that earned it four stars from me. I’d give it a five but (SPOILERS) any movie that makes me unnecessarily sad can earn four stars at most. (Okay, no more spoilers, read on.) I also read When Breath Becomes Air by Paul Kalanithi. It was an amazing book; the perfect marriage of medical science and the English language. I highly recommend it.

I believe that covers everything… I know, two books and a movie isn’t the most exciting week, but I happen to enjoy unexciting things.

I’ve been struggling to write out a novel idea that’s been playing in my head for more than a year. It’s not working. Oh well.

Some blog posts that caught my attention this week:

I hope you enjoy your week! Until the next time.


5 thoughts on “Coffee, part Three.

  1. I hope your headache has gone! Did you try an herbal tea? Those are quite good for soothing – especially something like chamomile.

    I’ve not heard of either of those books nor the movie. I may look it up for future interest, I rather enjoy movies when I get the very rare time to see them.

    Tell me about the novel idea! Will you do NaNoWriMo?

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    • Thankfully the headache is gone! I have not tried herbal tea, but I’ll have to keep it in mind for next time. 🙂
      Every November I battle with the idea of participating in NaNo, but I can’t bring myself to it! I have a friend who used to do it every year, and her stories were amazing, but I haven’t found the courage to do the same. I think it’s a commitment issue. Or whatever.
      The idea is that the story revolves around a fiction writer struggling (for some reason, possibly to meet a deadline?) to write a story. ENTER mysterious man. (Lol.) So she meets this guy that inspires her to write a story about his character, but each day she continues writing this story she MEETS the character in the oddest places. I guess part of the story is about her figuring out what he is and he in turn helping her finish the book. But because he isn’t real (or is he?? Dun dun dun. :D) he disappears at one point and she’s left to kind of deal with these unresolved feelings about him.
      It sounds more awesome in my head, I guess. :p

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