she is.

can you focus?
just lean in & see
her beauty.
skin pale as moonlight,
as the white sands
in her forgotten dreams,
as soft pillow down.
sharp cheekbones, not harsh,
but demanding
attention, regal in their structure.
a mournful face, angelic
in the singing chorus
of her heavenly lips.
mouth like a broken smile,
like too many drinks
but not enough drunkeness,
still raw & close.
she smiles like light,
like sunlight in a storm.
unruly brows, the color
of earth, of caramel.
eyes like the sky,
like the sky right before
twilight, eyes
like the ocean where
the sea meets the horizon.
so deep blue.
she dyed her hair
darker, to black.
but I remember her golden,
tawny, polished
brass tresses.
her hair falling
into her view, brushing
her nose so she
swipes the strands away.
she braids & tucks
the neat rope behind
her neck, sure not
to tangle.
her hands adjust
her features, hands
I have held,
hands always cold,
hands like bone
but so familiar.
adorned with rings
& black nail polish,
spattered with ink
from her drawings.
self-made bracelet
on her wrist, a memory
tattooed beneath.
can you focus?
just lean in & see
her beauty.


via Discover Challenge: Portraits


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