the storm.

thunder run me down.
& river, sing my symphony.
call me into watery depths
of summer rain.
hide me in the creek bed, or drown me in
a backyard stream.
carry me away, wind.
I am buried in the mudslide
breathing like lightning.
bareback as shelter
in skies gray as ashes.
howling gales
wolf-cries in a moonless night.
come, storm, be my lullaby.
let them scatter, too afraid to feel
your rough-leather touch,
icy fingers & cold smiles.
they call you unstoppable
so I will not fight
an inevitable force.
if this is the crisis, consider it
the storm of my mind quiets
as my house of cards
is demolished.
come, storm,
help me prove them wrong.
soak me to my
marshmallow bones.
thunder run me down & river
sing a simple song,
find me in creek bed arms.
this storm is mine alone.

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