I trust the coin to fall,
because I was told that gravity
is a force that never fails.

what goes up
must come down.

you’ve put your trust in gravity,
leaving us defenseless
to fate’s deciding rule.


I wonder if you think of me
the way I often do.

you’ve calculated the percentage
of us lasting past this month.
the number is low but
my expectations are high.

even though you’ve taught me

the numbers never


creating travel plans,
drawing maps & skirting county lines.

we are only
where we plan to be.
you promise flight, so I
carefully believe.

under sunrises we unveil
our shooting-star wishes,

could have been

moments we shared,
until we fall


there’s a sliver of hope
left among our things.

I sift through coins
& an old love’s new dreams,
hoping that I’ll find you.

turns out our chance,
hidden in the numbers,
was too small a value
for you to stay around.

I wonder if you found your city.
did you find a new window
to gaze out of?
have you built your
castle of dreams, & did you find
a place for me
among your memories?

we’re dealt the cards, so we play
the game.

the rules remain the same.


I have extinguished
the nightlight
you lit in my eyes.

I hope you’ve found peace
the way I’ve found silence.
your numbers are cold,
unfeeling stacks of data.
but maybe
they calm the fever
dreams of your soul.

call it in the air.  

Inspired by this song. Image found here. 


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