I’m leaning on your shoulder,
trying to ignore the sounds
of thumping music I don’t enjoy,
while your breathing sets me
more on edge
than anything.

trundling along,
we are two packages
of ever-moving atoms,
stagnant in our

I’m sitting next to you,
leaning against you
in uncomfortable silence.
but, for a moment,

you chuckle at something
someone has said,
& I feel the rumble
in your chest
like aftershocks.

for a moment,
caught up with your
own bliss, I think
you feel familiar.

I realize
with a jolt
that you are familiar
in one way,
because with him I leaned
in the same way
on his shoulder.

but you are not him.

I will never confuse
you & him

because, while with you
I am uncomfortable but
I am safe; while

with him

I was unpredictable but
I was happy.

& that is something
you never can
(I will never allow
you to)
make me.


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