what I do for love, it seems.

I sunk my teeth into love’s
I cleared away the cobwebs
& made room for

expecting invitation
into the muscle you call
your heart—

I expect
I shall be waiting.

beautiful, you said &
beautiful I became.
sinking into you is not
as effortless as it sounds.

scraping, burning, scratching

in all senses
of the word, I am truly

I was unaware,
you were the ground.

entangled in an indefinite struggle;
put away the glass & turn fists
to bare-knuckles.

face the storm like you’ve been taught:

open, vulnerable,
unbuttoned collar & lips
where whispers are intended.

your secrets are never yours

you are the forbidden love
their stories warned me of.
under layers of defeat
I have found
the surface.

though it took some
falling & breaking,

I believe
I found solace
in the blackness.


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