crown me.

Crown me with links of chain
& tell me I am your queen.
Hand me a scepter of self-doubt
& say I have a life I’m meant to rule.
Have we been going about this
I shiver on this gilded throne.
Carve out pieces of my heart
& make yourself at home.
Alone among this darkness
you have made a pair of eyes—
you have held them
in your hands & have told me
pretty lies
of what the world around me
truly is. You have reveled in
this deception; you have labeled
my sight.
What am I to gain?
You laid out the carpet & heightened
my hopes, but what I call
redemption you view as
treachery. You have taught me
how to embrace the shadow
of my nightmares
& now you tell me
to never let go.
If this is autonomy I have given
you the key to my heart
most irresponsibly.


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