I didn’t expect ‘The End’ to look like this…

Will we pass each other in the halls, sometime?
Maybe I’ll see you around.
Empty promises we threw at drawn lines;
I’m afraid our flames have been blown out.
The words wouldn’t come when we said goodbye.
I expected them all to just fall unannounced
into the silence that hung between us,
but it seems our relationship is headed south.
Now, all we are is pushed-back seats:
trying to make room for our legs to fit—
and I am tired of our cotton-candy lies:
using the phrases we thought could fix—
our own broken hands have got us in this mess.


12 thoughts on “I didn’t expect ‘The End’ to look like this…

  1. I usually skip poetry because much of it doesn’t make sense to me. I’m glad that I stopped in. Your façade and walls around you are similar to the types I had around me. I somehow found the strength to let someone inside and help knock them down little by little. You are worth it to find someone who can knock down those walls with you and become the beautiful flower you are within. (Whether it be therapist or a person.)

    Stop in and take a look at my series on Dementia and other posts. I have only two posts to go before I finish that series. I will be starting on another series on childhood abuse, the consequences and what helped me. If you wouldn’t mind, I’d love for you to maybe write some for my blog on that series. Two heads are better than one.

    I especially liked “I am more, Frail, Warning label, (That one was great) and “Winding roads” Keep writing.

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